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Blog posts tagged in subject: boats

Tug and Barge


Tug and Barge

in the channel
between sea and inlet
the sand collects
in broken beach

A photograph with elevated saturation to bring out the colors.

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Undiscovered Lands


Undiscovered Lands

"oh, am I in your shot?"
she turned and walked away
not realizing, she was my shot

A processed iPhone 4 photograph of an onlooker, a barge, and a dock. Anonymity is often potency: figurative replaces figure.

A message is placed in a bottle and cast it into the sea, only to wash ashore days later, yards from where it was sent on its journey. We must swim far from shore to find the currents that will take us to undiscovered lands.

My mind refuses the open sea, I scan the horizon for paradise. The inhabits gather on the beach, shouting "we must have meaning; we must understand." We are a species of communal belief and disbelief. Truth is but an afterthought.

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Blurring the Distinction


Blurring the Distinction

a boy inside a magic boat
boots, a hat, a yellow coat
a blur appeared upon the mists
when reality began to list

the shore beyond dissolved with glee
as magic serpents roamed the sea
fingers dragged thru foam and mirth
as fantasy reclaimed its birth

Do you really need a DSLR? A blur and a couple of filters were applied to this HTC EVO camera phone image, and I think it looks pretty good. The white balance set to cloudy, which gives it a radiant orange hue. I see a magical toy boat, docked at sea, awaiting a little boy for the next great adventure. The image is close enough to reality, that we accept it as "real," yet without a special apparatus, or ocular anomaly – something that alters our vision – we don't see the world this way. We have crossed the line from "realism" into "psychological realism."

A photograph of a skiff, Mike's in Sea Isle City, NJ. It's easy to get caught up in the technology, and lose sight of the narrative. More than likely, there will always be a better camera, always a better filter, and an argument over whether a photograph is flawed. For those who have been following along, notice the noise in the water and other areas of the enlargement. I happen to like noise, I think it adds expression.

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